“Because someone has the gift of languages and understands them, that does not enable him to turn one into the other and to translate well."
Martin Luther


State certified translator for the English language, publicly appointed and sworn to the regional court of Halle (Saale)

Home page in German

Do you need a translation from English into German?

Then donīt settle for anything less than a translation from a qualified German native speaker. No matter whether your text is a user manual, a website, or a press release, I translate your texts with care, stylistic sensitivity, and expertise. To guarantee this focus on content and stylistic quality, I have chosen to concentrate on a single language pair: English – German.

What I can offer you:

Accuracy of content and appropriate style

You get a linguistically correct translation that strikes the right note.

Security and confidential service

I take the security of the information you entrust me with extremely seriously. Therfore, I protect my IT system against threats such as viruses and unauthorized access, as well as ensuring a strictly confidential treatment of your texts.


Terminology management

To ensure the quality of translations and a consistent terminology in all of your texts I work with state-of-the-art technology. The use of translation memory systems and terminology data banks helps to comply with terminology and style guidelines.

Translations from a single source

As a solo freelancer, I am your direct contact in all translation-related matters. Lean processes and quick arrangements save both time and money.

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